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XLNT Moussaka

Bred by Henrik and Kristin, of XLNT Beagles, Sweden, owned by Jennifer Bell
Embark panel: PRA at risk, the rest all clear. Dominant black tri.
We are so appreciative to Henrik and Kristin for allowing Olive to come and live at Fleur de Lis Beagles. We believe she will be an excellent addition to our breeding program.


                              Absolutely Spotless Heros
                    Irinstyle Eye Catcher
                              Woodland West's Margarita of Starbuck Torbay
        SIRE: 15" Fanta's Brand Captain America
                              Red Americana Little Storm In A Tea
                  Fanta's Brand Imagine Me In America
                              CH Fanta's Brand Miss America
                              Cesi Dell'Etruria 2000
                   Ornbergets Bgl Blue Moon
                              Pink Floyd v D Hoefstal
        DAM: 15" XLNT Ring-A-Ding
                              Tashwoulds Chocolate Effect
                    XLNT Zaire
                              XLNT Pretty At The Premiere